Life doesn't happen at the desk.


Out of Office aims to inspire new ways of working + support a new workforce to find a balanced worklife, stay creative and make meaningful connections by offering the resources they need.


9-5 or 10-7 office hours don't work anymore. To just sit in front of your laptop doesn’t help you be more creative, come up with new ideas or develop yourself further.

I have had my best ideas and made most of my connections outside the office by working from cafes or co-working spaces, travelling, doing sports, going to events and running side projects. 

With "out of office" I want to facilitate a new workforce to discover new ways of working, break routines and inspire their day job with the things they do their downtime by offering the resources they need.

Sounds interesting?

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My name is Alice - an independent, globetrotting Social Brand Communications & Community Consultant with endless curiosity and willpower to scour the internet and recruit my friends to help me find the things we think you’ll love as much as we do and inspire new ways of working, collaboration and connectivity.

P.s.: If you feel like your events would suit this list and could be interesting for the Out of Office newsletter, please feel free to submit them for consideration.