Why we started
out of office?

Downtime is something that gets hugely underestimated and ignored by many these days.
In our hustle culture, we often get stuck at our desks, thinking we are too busy to take a lunch break (#saddesklunch) or do anything outside work, which means we rarely take the time to let our minds wander.

But spending all our time in front of our laptops doesn’t help us be more creative. Time off, travelling, working from different places, getting out of our daily routines and talking to people from different disciplines and backgrounds enable us to think outside the box and makes the time we do spend in front of your laptop more enjoyable, more productive and ultimately more enriching.

Hi, 👋 I'm Alice - a Social Brand Consultant & Community Strategist, originally from Austria, now based in New York.

While working on different clients and projects, mostly remotely, I have travelled and lived across the world and noticed I've had my best ideas and made most of my connections outside the office by working from cafes or co-working spaces, travelling, doing sports and other hobbies, going to events and running side projects.

Therefore, I've started out of office. My aim is to facilitate new ways of working and inspire a new workforce to create the freedom to flexibility, build a (work) environment that inspires and supports creativity and make meaningful connections.

Sounds interesting?

Be part of the conversation on the changing nature of our work life and culture and follow along for resources, guides and events to inspire your day job with the things you do in your downtime!