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To stay connected, creative, and sane while working from home, we have curated a list for you, your co-workers, team and collaborators.

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Working From Home

Home office can be a blessing and a curse. Well executed, working from home can bring huge advantages. If we let go of fears and see remote work as it really is, both entrepreneurs and employees can benefit from this new set-up. 

In our Home Office Guide, we have created a collection of tips & tools on how the benefits of working from home can be used without the pitfalls of freelancing or remote work devices.

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With the current work culture changing constantly, we notice the urge to take back control of our lives. We strongly believe that integrating leisure and play - enjoying the present moment - is exactly what we need right now. 


We created this Worksheet filled with easy activities and tools to resharpen the focus on a healthy work-life balance. When we live in the now, we can work on ourselves today and, eventually, enter a new normal as a better version of ourselves. 


We believe that ‘doing things outside of work’ is a creative portal for us to imagine, experiment, restore focus, and energy. It is where clarity flows in and new ideas take shape.

Play & Unwind

We need to do things outside of the office to be more in-line with ourselves, get inspired by external inputs, for our brains to wire better, process information better, create wonder & make space for moments of serendipity.