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Creative Resources

for Work & Play

We have created and curated tools and resources for you, your co-workers, friends and collaborators to stay connected, creative, and sane while working from home.



15,00 $

Inspired by the principles of Tarot—we designed a set of cards to build connection
through the power of stories and play.

These cards prompt us to share and understand parts of our deeper selves to create a more humane, purposeful, equitable and inclusive work culture.

Designed in collaboration with Dropbox Design.

Worksheets & Guides

15,00 $

As we begin to navigate our way back to some form of normality, it’s time to design our way moving forward – and not fall back into the hamster wheel of busyness. 

We created this Worksheet filled with activities and tools to resharpen the focus on a balanced work-life. We strongly believe that integrating leisure and play - enjoying the present moment - is exactly what we need right now. 

Sense of Self Calendar.png

Free Calendar

Sense of Self Calendar

This calendar will help you create a space to reflect and plan as we are moving forward into a new year. 

The key to this calendar is to start thinking about how you want your life to feel before setting any goals.
As you move from month to month, it will help you adjust your priorities, build and let go of habits and r
eclaim meaning and playfulness.

Made with the spirit of love and play with @mindapi

Free Guide

Working From Home

A home office can be a blessing and a curse. If done right, working from home can bring huge advantages.

In our Home Office Guide, we have created a collection of tips & tools on how to work from home while staying creative and sane.