6 Steps To Add More

Play To Your Workday

We know how easy it is to let work take over our time. But if we are absorbed by the daily grind, we avoid creating moments of wonder, surprise, serendipity and space for new ideas. 


To us, the magic lies in stepping away from our routine and our desks in order to slow down time, reset and reconnect. That's where we generate new perspectives, or ideas and are feeling in-line with ourselves and the world around us.

We created this guide with six small, immediate steps, that will help you transform your day-to-day habits and flourish in and outside of work.

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Set Up Your Day

Getting caught up in the whirlwind of daily life has a strong effect on our productivity and personal well-being.


Instead of taking on tasks inefficiently, it is of most importance to schedule our days strategically and based on when we are most productive. We need space to think, time to look and listen in order to come up with new ideas, innovate and grow.

Define Intentional


The freedom and flexibility that comes with working remotely/from home do not mean you have to be in work-mode and available 24/7.


Setting your boundaries is really about deciding what works for you and what doesn’t. Based on what you value, it's important to actively define what your boundaries are and what you do tolerate, and don't and use that knowledge to communicate that to someone else. 

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Take a Lunch

Break - away from your desk

67% of all workers eat lunch at their desks. But spending your lunch break at your desk is taking precious movement away from your body, which helps you return to work feeling refreshed. Additionally, giving your brain occasional breaks keep you creative and sane.


Set aside specific times for lunch by creating an event on your calendar just to eat — no work allowed. 

Let Your Mind Wander

Being constantly “on” isn’t just an unhealthy way to work, but a counterproductive one, too. ⁠Letting our mind wander actually helps us be better at work. Why? Because we’re more in-line with ourselves and the world around us, allow our brains to rewire, process information better and create space for new perspectives, greater clarity and renewed focus.

Leave your desk behind and go for a walk - by yourself, without calling anyone or listening to anything.

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Make Meaningful Connections

Feeling a sense of belonging is a basic human need. In order to overcome loneliness when working remotely/from home, we need to build a culture of connection and community. 

Attend an event, keep the conversation with collaborators and colleagues flowing and ask questions that start meaningful conversations, such as “What was the most meaningful thing that happened to you this week?”
Check our our Corporate Tarot Connection Cards for a tool to spark meaningful conversations.

Create Space

for Leisure 

Doing things without a measurable output - provides a creative portal for us to imagine, experiment, restore focus and energy and allow us to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. 

Leisure activities such as exercising, painting, cooking or whatever you enjoy doing can create space between your work and home, and is a great way to develop new skills, experiment, connect with people or decompress.⁠⁠