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More and more people work remotely, on-the-go, or are traveling 300 days a year for their jobs. While the ability to work from anywhere is often a perk, it also comes with some major pain points. Finding easily accessible places to work and getting stuff done, is often a major challenge.
Additionally, as work-life balance becomes more important, we want to be able to maintain and integrate our work-life balance when traveling.

Our Work & Play City Guides are here to help and provide you with co-working spaces, cafes, and places to unwind and find your balance.

New York City Guide:

NYC the city of endless co-working spaces, cafes and things to do. But we’ve all had that moment when we finally chose a coffee shop, ordered a cold brew and banana bread and made ourselves comfortable ... only to find out there’s no WiFi or plug sockets. Sounds sadly familiar, right? 
Well, not any more. We’ll help you find the places where great flat whites and creative breakfast creations come along with a serving of high-speed WiFi and plenty of plugs. Our city guides will keep you going as you work and help you find places to unwind in your off time. 


We're starting with NYC, if you like it, we’re going to expand this platform to different cities. 

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