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Creating a Culture of Wellbeing + our Dimension of Wellbeing Wheel.


Being interconnected with nature brings us joy, lowers anxiety and provides soothing, restorative, creativity-enhancing benefits. ⁠Read more about our relationship to the natural world.


We can actively empower a culture of serendipity and set ourselves up for moments of serendipity to happen


Giving ourselves time to play, provides a creative portal for us to imagine, experiment, restore focus and energy and allow us to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. 

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An exploration of the psychology behind connection & loneliness


How we are surviving and thriving as we work from home during a quarantine. Learnings from our new work-life.

~Creative Practice~


In our ~Creative Practice~ series, we're talking to founders, freelancers, employees and creatives of all kinds - about how they manage to reset and reconnect with themselves, and how they find their best ideas by integrating a spirit of PLAY into their workday.

Jesse IsraelThe Big Quiet
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Micah CarrollLife Isn't Just Work
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Evan LianPower Of Balance
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Remote work can be more productive than traditional office work, and make workers thrive. 

But it comes with challenges: One of the biggest struggles of remote work is loneliness & the lack of community. Moreover, remote workers have reported working longer hours.

If we don't take breaks and don't take care of ourselves, our problem solving ability, creativity, and sanity might suffer. 

Therefore, we actively need to shift the way we work to stay creative, sane, and connected.