Inspired by the principles of tarot, we designed a physical set of cards to build connection through the power of stories and play. 


We know that one important element of shifting to remote work is to form stronger bonds with your team and create a sense of connection and belonging.


Our aim with these cards is for teams to create a virtual parlor and safe space. They prompt us to share and understand parts of our deeper selves to create a more humane, purposeful, equitable, and inclusive work culture. 

The cards prompt conversations around the most present themes of our working lives:

1. ENERGY CARDS (Inspiration, Purpose)

2. EMOTION CARDS (Feelings, Inner Conflict)

3. RELATIONSHIP CARDS (Work/self-actualization, Decision Making)

4. JOURNEY CARDS (Self-Development & Career Paths)


🔮 Inspired by the principles of Tarot

A card game inspired by the principles of Tarot, that builds connections through the power of stories and play.

⭐️ 52 designed cards
The deck consists of 10 blue, 10 orange, 10 yellow, 10 pink cards, wildcards, instruction and situation cards.


The Corporate Tarot Connection Cards have been designed in collaboration with Dropbox Design, as part of their Culture Kits. Dropbox Design Culture Kits are designed for anyone who wants to make work better, sharing tools to empower and equip teams to shape their own work culture.


Shipping to  US and Europe - we recommend to order one set per person on your team to have everyone pull their own cards.

Corporate Tarot Connection Cards