Re-Design Your Worklife (EN)

Re-Design Your Worklife (EN)



Take back control of your work-life-balance by re-designing your work day. With the help of this Digital Worksheet you are able to explore new parts of yourself, to uncover space to grow and, eventually,  to create a worklife to thrive.


With the current work culture being heavily affected by COVID and radically catapulted into the future, we notice the urge to take back control of our lives. Although achieving our goals seems impossible now, we strongly believe that leisure and play - enjoying the present moment - is exactly what we need right now. 


We created this Worksheet filled with easy activities and tools to resharpen the focus on a healthy work-life balance. When we live in the now, we can work on ourselves today and, eventually, enter a new normal as a better version of ourselves. 

This Worksheet  includes a deepened insight of your current worklife, a journal template for a better work-balance, an exploration of flow, as well a worklife manifesto template, daily activities to integrate into your routine, as well as loads of research regarding the current state of work and the our radically changing work culture.